Two -wheeled mobility.

In the heart of Stuttgart, the cradle of the two- and four-wheeled furniture, we develop the Pocket Rocket around 150 years after the first motorcycle was invented. We pursue the vision of inspiring today's people for sustainable mobility, reducing emissions, maintaining comfort and increasing quality of life.

Our mission is to provide you with a silent and sustainable means of transport that combines function and performance in a timeless design. We invite all people with lust for life and a sense of responsibility to enjoy a piece of future with us. Give up to experience with us on the journey of mobility and to write the history of modern locomotion.

Everything in the frame.

The Pocket Rocket is "The Naked Bike", the archetype for today's minimalists. Because we made everything disappear in the V-frame. Removable battery, control, as well as rear and front certificates are harmonious and well-protected inside the frame. The design of aluminum reduces shape such as silhouette and sets a striking statement in urban space.

Slim part with speed.

The Pocket Rocket feels comfortable both in narrow inner cities and while commuting over medium distances. At only 65 kg, it is a real lightweight in her class. It offers you a pleasant handling, range and speed up to 80 km/h. The robust 16-inch bikes made of cast aluminum enable rapid driving and agile maneuvers.

Temperament without a tank.

The Pocket Rocket accelerates breathtakingly from the stand at the city speed. The Pocket Rocket starts without warming up without warming up. A sprint without a chain, without straps. Your up to 160 Nm accelerate you with high temperament from Level Zero. With this she lives up to her name.

Speed ​​of Light Engineering.

The Pocket Rocket is based on a simple basic idea: omit what is not necessary. The technological goal: a light, efficient and environmentally friendly Light Electric Vehicle (LEV). The hub motor brings the power directly to the street. The hydraulic combined braking system (CBS) guarantees you full driving control.

Additional energy is also attributed to the battery by braking energy recovery and thus increases the range. The 16 inch wheels bring maximum stability and agility as well as a long service life. With the fluorescent LED headlights on the rear and front, you keep everything in view at any time. The Pocket Rocket combines the best of bike and motorcycle.

It's your choice.

The Pocket Rocket is offered in two performance levels. With the Pocket Rocket you reach a top speed of 45 km/h and you can already drive it with your car driver's license. For more speed you need the class B196 driver's license but will hardly be stopped at 80 km/h on the Pocket Rocket S.

Let's take a ride!

We can try to describe the intoxicating feeling of how the wind strokes your skin while gliding through the streets - or you drive the pocket and convince yourself. Now book your personal test drive!

Book a test drive

Pre-order now.

After we have worked intensively on the first street pocket rocket for the past few months, we are currently standing immediately before the product launch. From now on we will accept pre -orders and plan the delivery of the first vehicles from spring 2023. Now order one of the first 100 Pocket Rockets!

Pre-order now

In good company.

In order to bring the Pocket Rocket onto the street and thus to realize our vision of without a emission mobility, we work together with well -known partners in various business areas. In addition, we are actively supported by the state of Baden-Württemberg as part of the startupbw funding program.

Award -winning design.

We reinvent locomotion and offer you a sustainable driving experience in which the pleasure is not neglected. At the same time, we attach great importance to a unique and timeless design of the Pocket Rocket. We were awarded a series of prices for the development of the two -wheel archetype.

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