Two-wheeled mobility.

In the heart of Stuttgart, the birthplace of two- and four-wheeled mobility, we are redefining the future with the development of the Pocket Rocket, 150 years after the invention of the first motorcycle. Our vision is to inspire today's individuals towards sustainable mobility, aiming to reduce emissions, maintain comfort, and enhance quality of life.

Our mission is to provide you with a silent and sustainable means of transportation that seamlessly combines functionality and performance in a timeless design. We invite all those who embrace life with enthusiasm and responsibility to join us in experiencing a piece of the future. Embark with us on a journey to redefine mobility and contribute to shaping the history of modern transportation.

Everything in the frame.

The Pocket Rocket is „the naked bike“, as everything is hidden away in the V-frame. The removable battery, controls, rear and front headlights are seamlessly integrated into the frame and therefore well protected. The aluminium design reduces the shape and silhouette maximally and makes for an eye-catching statement in the urban space. The Pocket Rocket combines the best of a bicycle and a motorbike.

Slim piece with speed.

The fast Pocket Rocket is at home in narrow city streets as well as when commuting over medium distances. At only 65 kg, it is a real lightweight in its class. This makes it easy to handle, provides more range and speed up to 80 km/h. The robust 16-inch wheels made of cast aluminium ensure speedy riding and agile moves.

Temper without a tank.

The Pocket Rocket accelerates breathtakingly from a standstill to city speed, without a kickstart, without warming up. A sprint without a chain, without a belt. Its up to 160 Nm accelerates with high temperament from level zero to the maximum. It lives up to its name.

Speed ​​of Light Engineering.

The design of the Pocket Rocket is based on a simple idea: Omit what is not necessary. The technological goal: To build a light, efficient and environmentally friendly Light Electric Vehicle (LEV). The hub motor brings the power directly to the road. The hydraulic Combined Braking System (CBS) ensures full driving control. Brake energy regeneration feeds energy back into the battery, increasing the range. The 16-inch wheels provide maximum stability and agility as well as a long service life. With the bright LED headlights at the rear and the front, the rider always has a clear view of everything. The Pocket Rocket thus combines the best of bicycle and motorbike.

Your Call.

The Pocket Rocket is offered in two performance tiers. With the standard Pocket Rocket, you can hit a maximum speed of 45 km/h, all within the limits of your regular driver's license. For those craving even more speed, the Pocket Rocket S awaits you. Just obtain the B196 license, and you'll be virtually unstoppable at a thrilling 80 km/h.

Let's take a ride!

We could attempt to articulate the exhilarating sensation of the wind caressing your skin as you glide through the streets—or you could experience it for yourself by taking the Pocket for a spin. Secure your personal test drive now!

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Pre-order now.

After months of dedicated work on our inaugural street Pocket Rocket, we're on the brink of its grand launch. Pre-orders are officially open, and we're mapping out deliveries for the first vehicles starting Spring 2024. Secure your spot among the first 100 Pocket Rockets – place your order now!


Thriving Together.

To unleash the Pocket Rocket on the streets and turn our vision of emission-free mobility into reality, we've teamed up with renowned partners across diverse industries. Furthermore, we receive active support from the state of Baden-Württemberg through the startupbw funding program.

Award-Winning Design.

We're revolutionizing mobility, delivering a sustainable driving experience without compromising on pleasure. Simultaneously, we prioritize a distinctive and timeless design for the Pocket Rocket. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a slew of awards for developing this two-wheel archetype.

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